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Project Your Skill-Set

Our data experts have spent years collecting and consolidating athletic data from current and former college commits across all levels of collegiate baseball to give you the ability to project your skill-set and see how you compare!

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Research Colleges Actively Recruiting in Your Area

Immediately narrow down over 1,200 college options by focusing on the ones that our data shows most actively recruiting prospects from your home state!

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Align Yourself with College Roster Vacancies

Understanding your projected fit on a college roster is essential to successful recruitment. Our roster breakdown charts help you easily identify recruiting trends and roster vacancies!

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Prioritize Academic and Financial Fit 

College athletics recruiting too often leaves out the most important part... college! Our comprehensive academic and financial database includes everything required to ensure that you are pursuing colleges that fit your ideal experience on and off the field. 

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Generate a Targeted and Actionable College List

The final result is a targeted and actionable college list in which you may focus your outreach efforts to college coaches, applications submissions, and campus visits!

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Meet Our Team

Michael Vlasity

Eagleclaw Analytics was founded by Michael Vlasity in 2020 as a counter to the high percentage of college baseball players that have poor experiences at their initial schools of choice. Combining his background in econometrics and data analysis with his love for coaching, Michael developed a proprietary data model that consolidates athletic, academic, and financial data on roughly 1,200 four-year college baseball schools. The revolutionary model identifies a prospects top 10 colleges based on their unique background and preferences, a game-changer in the world of college baseball recruiting.

Mike Fiscus

Mike brings over 25 years of coaching and college baseball recruiting experience to our Recruiting Advisor and Director of Player Development positions. Having placed over 200 high school baseball prospects into NCAA and NJCAA programs across the nation, Mike's reputation as a relationship builder speaks for itself. Mike believes that a prospect's intangibles (work ethic, character, growth mindset, etc.) ultimately foster success and he takes pride in holding himself to those same ideals when advising prospects and their families.   

Ben Himes

Ben Himes has been a professional hitting coach and college recruiting expert for over 15 years. Drafted out of high school, but choosing to play in college, Ben was named an All-American Collegiate Player of the Year his senior season and was a 9th round draft pick by the Cincinnati Reds. He later spent time in the Yankees minor league system.  After baseball, Ben focused his attention on researching the neuroscience behind what makes successful athletes, writing his first book, The Tao of Batting, this past year. Many colleges consult with him when looking for high-level academic student-athletes.  

Steven Olson

Steve boasts over 40 years of experience with educating student-athletes and their families in the most successful college baseball recruiting strategies. Steve's efforts have led to an accumulation of $14 million dollars in college scholarship money and 65 athletes selected in the MLB Amateur Draft.  

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