Using Data to Identify College Athletic and Academic Opportunities

For Prospective NCAA Student-Athletes

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Using Data to Identify Athletic and Academic Scholarship Opportunities

For Prospective NCAA Student-Athletes

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College Baseball Recruiting and Academic Database


For prospects in the early stages of the recruiting process, this powerful research tool enables players to identify colleges of athletic and academic interest.

Prospect Placement Report and College Viability Analysis


For prospects ready to compile a focused list of schools which align with their athletic and academic skill-sets and which may offer scholarship opportunities.

Academic Counselor and College Baseball Recruiting Advisor


For prospects seeking the advantages of working with a dedicated and knowledgeable advisor who will guide them through each step of the process.

Database Features
  • Academic admissions criteria, financial information, and post-graduate statistics on over 1,200 four-year college baseball programs.

  • Up to date college roster analytics, positional needs, and high school/transfer recruiting ratios.

  • Virtual campus tours and video highlights of the athletic facilities and baseball program.

  • Comprehensive list of recruiting pipeline schools categorized by state.

Prospect and Viability Analysis Benefits
  • Includes full access to College Baseball Recruiting and Academic Database.

  • Prospect Placement Analysis featuring 15-20 college recommendations handpicked to fit your unique athletic and academic skill-sets and preferences.

  • College Viability Analysis testing your current college list for compatibility with your skill-sets and preferences.

  •  A follow-up phone call to go over reports in detail and answer questions.

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The Advantages of an Expert Advisor
  • A 2 for 1 approach which combines the services of an athletic recruiting director and an academically focused college counselor.

  • Proven athletic and academic data models are used to identify your list of 'target schools'.

  • Optimized outreach strategy and experts contacting schools on your behalf.

  • Decades of college baseball experience allow us to guarantee your successful college placement.

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C O L L E G E   B A S E B A L L   D A T A B A S E 

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Explore Over 1,200 Colleges Across Four Divisions.

Of the 1,200 four-year colleges which competed in the 2022 season, only 301 belonged to Division 1. Discover the breadth of opportunities available to you and explore academic offerings, geography, and student culture alongside athletic competition.

Search by Location with Our Interactive Map Feature.

Easily browse all college programs in a specific state or region.

Ensure Your College Search is Well-Rounded with Our Comprehensive Guide to Academics.

Athletes that overlook academic fit and compatibility with student culture are at high risk of transferring and/or not graduating within four years. Our platform is specifically designed to help you identify schools that fit your academic interests and lifestyle preferences as well as those that offer scholarship opportunities.

View In-Depth College Roster Analyses.

Our statistical analyses provide prospects with detailed breakdowns of the current baseball roster at each school. Our charts highlight regions where the coaching staff recruits, the number of college transfers on the roster, RHP/LHP ratios, and class breakdowns by position.


P R O S P E C T   P L A C E M E N T   A N A L Y S I S

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Commit to an Ideal College the First Time.

1 in 3 college baseball players transfer to a new school before graduating, or drop out entirely. Our mission at Eagleclaw Analytics is to utilize athletic and academic data to ensure you find your best fit both on the field and in the classroom. 

Determine Your Athletic Potential with our Revolutionary Evaluation Process.

We cross-reference your athletic performance metrics with data from current and former college commits at all levels.

Prioritize Academic and Cultural Fit.

A good fit in the classroom, and in the community, directly correlates to success on the field. 

Understand Your Projected Athletic Development.

We calculate, and compile as a visual, your projected development in each quantifiable skill-set. This valuable information allows you to set realistic, targeted benchmarks and track progress towards your goals.  

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E X P E R T   R E C R U I T I N G   A D V I S O R

Stay on Track with Your Recruiting Timeline.

The recruiting process is complicated and time consuming. An advisor who offers expert insight and holds you accountable for completing each step can make all the difference. 

Gain National Exposure by Strengthening Your Virtual Presence.

The college baseball recruiting network continues to expand in the virtual realm. Learning how to create a compelling online presence, and leveraging it to your advantage, will help you stand out among those competing for the attention of coaches. 

Apply a Proven Strategy to Your Recruiting Video and Outreach Efforts

Our techniques allow prospects to convert a higher percentage of their outreach efforts into genuine interest from coaching staffs. 

Guaranteed College Placement

There is a right fit school for every player, one which complements both athletic and academic strengths. A personal advisor who brings decades of college baseball recruiting experience to the table enables us to guarantee your successful placement.  

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