Cal Poly Mustangs

Big West Conference - Division 1
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California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo is a Public University located in San Luis Obispo, California. It has a full-time undergraduate enrollment of 21,447 students, its sophomore retention rate is 94%, and the student to faculty ratio is 19 to 1. The 4-year graduation rate is 53%. In-state total cost of attendance is $31,969 while out-of-state total cost of attendance is $33,655. The Mustangs baseball team plays home games at Baggett Stadium while competing in the Big West (Division I). 

Community Insights

Academic Overview

Average GPA: 3.99

Average SAT: 1335

75th Percentile SAT: -

Average ACT: 29

75th Percentile ACT: -

Acceptance Rate: 38%

Yield Percentage: 23%

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Tuition and Financial Aid

In-State Total COA: $31,969

Out-of-State Total COA: $33,655

Average Financial Aid Given: $10,344

Average Merit Scholarship Awarded: $1,365

Recent Graduate Statistics

Percentage of Graduates with Student Loans: 39%

Average Annual Student Loans: $-

Average Total Student Loans: $22,993

Early Career Starting Salary: $59,300

Our roster calculations are based on the latest available information: 2022 Baseball Roster

General Overview

Division: Division I

Recruiting Pipelines: CA

Number of Players: 36

Percent High School Recruits: 56%

Percent College Transfers: 44%

Full Roster

Freshmen: 22%

Sophomores: 42%

Juniors: 14%

Seniors: 17%

Graduates: 6%

Pitching Staff

Freshmen: 21%

Sophomores: 47%

Juniors: 16%

Seniors: 16%

Graduates: 0%


Freshmen: 13%

Sophomores: 38%

Juniors: 13%

Seniors: 25%

Graduates: 13%


Freshmen: 20%

Sophomores: 60%

Juniors: 0%

Seniors: 0%

Graduates: 20%


Freshmen: 50%

Sophomores: 0%

Juniors: 25%

Seniors: 25%

Graduates: 0%

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