A Revolutionary Approach to College Baseball Recruiting.

We aim to reduce the number of college athletes registering for the dreaded transfer portal by providing data-driven resources to help ensure you commit to the right school the first time.  Our proprietary statistical evaluation consolidates millions of performance metrics data points from current and former commits in each conference.  These statistics are assessed in conjunction with academic admissions data and your social preferences to compile a personalized list of four-year schools at which you have high potential to make an impact both on the field and in the classroom.

Our Services

No Opinions. No Empty Promises. Just Data.

The main complaint against most college baseball recruiting services is that they promise big and deliver little. Eagleclaw Analytics is designed to be an affordable, independent resource for prospects and their families to rely on throughout the recruiting process. We provide highly personalized analyses to enable informed decision making.

We Pay Attention to Academic/General College Fit

"I will go anywhere I can play baseball." We believe this is an unacceptable answer to the question, where do you want to attend college? Our approach is built on the understanding that a good fit in the classroom and in the community is directly correlated to success on the field and a great college experience. General satisfaction with the academics, culture, and location of a school cuts the transfer rate in half. In addition to academic admissions data and cost of attendance, we also pay close attention to factors including: student/faculty ratios, sophomore retention rates, four-year graduation rates, and school size.

A Revolutionary Evaluation Process.

We are proud to be the first high school baseball advisors to compile a database of the performance metrics of current and former college baseball players categorized according to where they committed to play in college. Using our proprietary software, we can show you how your skill-set stacks up based on numbers, not opinions.

Your Competitive Advantage.

Understanding the composition of the baseball roster at each school you are considering committing to is the single most important factor in determining your success or failure. Our statistical analyses provide prospects with detailed breakdowns of the current baseball roster at each school. Our charts show you where the coaching staff recruits, how many college transfers are on the roster, RHP/LHP ratios, and class breakdowns by position.   

Projected Development.

We provide you with a visual calculation of your projected development in each quantifiable skill-set. This allows you to set targeted benchmarks and track progress on your way to accomplishing your goals. All calculations are categorized according to high school graduation year.     

Estimated Regional Weighted Value.

A player's Estimated Regional Weighted Value, a first of its kind metric developed by Eagleclaw Analytics, analyzes recruiting pipelines in comparison to a player's individual performance metrics in order to identify the regions that provide the best opportunities for players from your home state.